Want To Have A Lot Of Money? This Is How To Be Rich To Be A Successful Billionaire!

Majalahburung.comWant To Have A Lot Of Money? This Is How To Be Rich To Be A Successful Billionaire! : Money is not everything, everyone needs money to survive, such as buying basic necessities of life and so on. That’s why many people want to know how to get rich.

It is undeniable, having a lot of money or being rich can make life easier. You can live in a comfortable home, don’t bother thinking about daily meals so you can wear nice clothes to support your appearance.

However, getting rich is not easy. You need effort and hard work to achieve it. Not even a few billionaires who worked, worked and worked when they were young.

An example is the number 2 richest person in the world, Bill Gates who counts his days more than twenty years in the office on weekends. Evidently, now the owner of Microsoft has a total wealth of US $ 121.5 billion or equivalent to Rp. 1.704 trillion.

Therefore, getting rich can be achieved by anyone as long as they want to keep trying, work and of course never give up.There are several ways you can do to get a lot of coffers of wealth. Anything? Here are some of them:

Wisely manage finances

how to get rich – wisely manage finances

This is what makes them often entangled in debt holes because they always run out of money towards the end of the month.

If this condition continues, let alone become rich and have a lot of money, which in your old age is spent looking for money to buy the necessities of daily life.

Therefore, it is important that you can manage your finances wisely. One of the things you can do is to apply the theory of financial management from Elizabeth Warren, namely 50/20/30.

Harvard professors as well as financial experts suggest that you divide your expenses into several financial posts, namely:

50 percent for daily needs, including installments and insurance.
20 percent is diverted to savings and investment.
30 percent can be used for lifestyle needs such as shopping to coffee in cafes.
However, if you have a fairly large debt burden and need more than 50 percent of money per month, you can reduce lifestyle expenses and be diverted to paying installments.


how to get rich – investment

Investment is one way to get rich that you can choose. The reason is, by investing the money you spend can multiply in a certain amount of time.

However, you need to be careful in choosing the right investment instrument so that your money doesn’t run out because the investment you chose failed miserably.

How to choose the right investment?

Before jumping into the world of investing, the first thing you need to know is your risk profile. It means how much you can bear the loss. That way, you can determine the right type of investment.

There are three types of risk profiles that can be adapted to your character, namely:

Conservative i.e. can not accept big risks. Investment instruments that are suitable for conservative investors are investments whose movements in the capital market are more stable and less risky, such as money market mutual funds, gold, deposits and bonds.

Moderate, i.e. investors can accept moderate risk, that is, not large and not small. If you have this character, you can invest in the mixed mutual fund sector or P2P lending.

Aggressive is generally intended for investors who have been playing in the capital market for a long time so that they already know how the chosen investment instrument works. Investors with an aggressive character are generally able to accept big risks so that the profits obtained are also large. The types of investments that are suitable for aggressive investors are stock mutual funds, stocks and others.

After knowing your risk profile, the next step is to pour funds consistently and diversify, namely investing in various securities instruments to minimize losses.

Thanks to investment, many successful people have a lot of money to become billionaires. You don’t have to go far, for example, Lo Kheng Hong, who is touted as Indonesia’s Warren Buffett, is known to have a wealth of up to IDR 2.5 trillion.

It is known, Lo Kheng Hong made a profit of 12,500 percent for six years. In 2005, Lo Kheng Hong bought shares in PT. Multibreeder Adirama Indonesia Tbk is priced at Rp 250 per lot and in 2011 the company’s share price increased to Rp 31,500 per lot.3. Business
how to get rich – business

It’s no secret that the way to get rich that many people experience is by going into the business world. Evidently, almost all billionaires are entrepreneurs. Like Jeff Bezos is the number 1 richest person in the world who owns an Amazon business.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the Hartono brothers have succeeded in establishing various business sectors ranging from cigarettes to property and have become the richest people in Indonesia with a total wealth of US$ 38.8 billion or equal to Rp 545 trillion.

Especially with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology that makes it easier for you to develop your business. You can even use the internet to start a business as well as promote it.

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